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Just Launched!

March 21, 2019

The following features and fixes are now live:

  • Appendix G - Table 1 & 2: IV Bolus changed to IV Medication Administration to include IV Bolus, IV Drip or IV Push routes.
  • Appendix G - Table 2:  IV Therapy now counts any Venous Access intervention.
  • When exporting program-level Appendix G report, it now provides the latest version of the CoAEMSP spreadsheet.
  • A capacity limit issue with the program-level Appendix G report for large cohorts has been fixed.
  • The readability of the Terminal Competency form has been enhanced by adding page breaks after each section of the PDF file.
  • Users can now add comments at the patient level and share them with other students, preceptors or instructors.
  • A counting discrepancy between the Graduation Requirements Report and ALS Runs report has been resolved for the skill - Interpreting a Cardiac rhythm without performing a procedure.

Fisdap Community: Your Input is Valuable!

March 19, 2019

Did you know? We welcome your feedback on current features and always review new ideas to enhance the Fisdap experience.

Shivani Munjal, Fisdap's new Product Manager, will review your comments and ideas to gain insight into your unique needs and experience with Fisdap.

Register Today: Fisdap Item Writing Workshop

March 18, 2019

Free Fisdap Item Writing Workshop

Fisdap is Your Solution to Appendix G Reporting

January 29, 2019

As a trusted partner of the EMS education community, Fisdap is committed to supporting its community of users. By now, you've likely heard about the new Appendix G recommendations from CoAEMSP that will go into effect with cohorts in July of 2019. Appendix G is meant to measure student progress against certain educational goals which represent a broad spectrum of patient ages, complaints, diagnoses, learning environments and specific procedures.

Will we see you at the 2019 Fisdap Research Summit?

September 19, 2018

We're excited to invite you to apply for the 2019 Fisdap Research Summit in Minneapolis, Minnesota from January 25–27, 2019.

Fisdap Tips & Tricks: Appendix G Updates

September 18, 2018

By now, you've likely heard about the new EMS accreditation standards and the Student Minimum Competency Matrix, or Appendix G, from CoAEMSP. In our quest to make your job easier, Fisdap developers have been hard at work to refine our Appendix G capabilities.

Download the Latest PCRF Journal Club Discussion: Prehospital Plasma for Shock

September 17, 2018

Did you catch the latest PCRF Journal Club discussion, "Plasma-first resuscitation to treat haemorrhagic shock during emergency ground transportation in an urban area: a randomised trial?" If not, download it now to hear members of the Prehospital Care Research Forum discuss this important research.

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