Support Student Success with Enhanced Skills Tracking and SMC Reporting with
Competency Tracker

Fisdap’s Competency Tracker is an EMS course management tool that allows students to easily record clinical, field, and lab experiences on-the-go while helping educators track student progress.

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EMS Educators and Administrators, we know your time is valuable! Competency Tracker is here to help with easy access to the new SMC report, review goal completion, and simplify accreditation requirements.

  • New Student Minimum Competency (SMC) Recommendations Report tracks Paramedic student progress towards meeting CoAEMSP accreditation requirements.
  • Added skills and expanded Goal Set options let educators customize goals for their cohorts and programs with a greater degree of flexibility and specificity.
  • Educators can review and comment on individual skills to remediate and improve EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic student performance.

Patient care and other data can be quickly recorded without paper, and tracked to detail progress towards certification.

  • Speech-to-text dictation saves time when students are in the field or on the move.
  • "Observed By” fields have been added to allow students to receive credit for observation experiences.
  • Prior skills entries can now be quickly duplicated to save time and help students focus on tasks at hand.


Improved usability, dictation, and data entry saves time for more important matters.

  • Speech-to-text dictation saves time when students are in the field or on the move.
  • Enhanced indexing and search functionality helps students find the correct terms they need.
  • Multiple clinical, lab, and field skills lists have been consolidated to streamline the skills entry process.

There are three ways to access Competency Tracker:

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Option 1

Stand-alone access to Competency Tracker

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Option 2

As part of a Fisdap package containing Competency Tracker

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Option 3

As part of select Premier packages from the Jones & Bartlett Learning Public Safety Group.

How it Works!

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Students document their experience on the Fisdap website after each patient contact.

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Students, instructors, and preceptors can monitor and evaluate students' experiential learning.

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Students and instructors can quickly and easily generate comprehensive reports in one place.

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