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Get started with the most utilized solution in EMS education to manage internship schedules, track skills, assess, and remediate students all in one place!


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Fisdap is your solution to the CoAEMSP Student Minimum Competency Matrix reporting!

Competency Tracker

Fisdap Competency Tracker documents student learning, reports achievement and growth, and aids self-study. Motivate EMT students with graphs and reports that help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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Fisdap Scheduler gets students’ clinical internship schedules online where educators, clinicians, preceptors, and students can all view and interact with the live calendar.

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Study Tools

Students take charge of their own independent study with our full-length practice exam, practice quizzes, and other helpful study resources.

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Our suite of exams take students from admission to graduation, ensuring student preparedness the entire way.

Entrance Exams

Qualify applicants and measure incoming students' strengths and weaknesses.

Unit Exams

Diagnose students' strengths and weaknesses throughout the course.

Comprehensive Exams

Evaluate if students are ready to take their certification exam and become practicing EMS professionals.

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