Assess incoming students with
Entrance Exams

The Entrance Exam was created by and for EMS educators and includes a personality assessment.

  • Select and admit the prospective students with the best chances of success in your program.
  • Diagnose incoming students’ strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of your course.

All Fisdap Exams Are:

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Each of our tests go through an intensive review by EMS educators and physicians.

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Proctoring the exam protects the exam security for your students and all our other Fisdap users.

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Fisdap uses classical theory to make sure all of our exams are effective and fair.

The Exam is Comprised of Two Sections:

A cognitive test and a personality inventory to test students’ affective domain.

Cognitive Test

The cognitive portion measures student preparedness in the following subjects:

Anatomy and Physiology
Reading Comprehension*

(at the 9th & 11th grade levels)


(Knowledge, Application, & Problem Solving)
* Reading Comprehension only offering in Paramedic Entrance Exams

Affective Test

Our EMT Entrance Exams utilize an adapted form of the General Scale of Self-Efficacy, a valid and reliable psychometric scale that assesses ability to deal with new obstacles or setbacks. It also asesses ability to respond to novel or difficult situations.

Alternatively, our Paramedic Entrance Exams utilize an adapted form of the M5-50 personality assessment, a valid and reliable personality item set designed for the evaluation of public safety personnel, to measure these important traits:


How well an individual gets along with others (also described as kindness, cooperativeness, or sympathy for/consideration of others).


Attention to detail and understanding of right versus wrong. This element may also have utility in predicting elements of empathetic behaviors.


The inability to accept failures and deal with stress. Neurotic people tend to have more of a depressed mood.

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