Manage student internship schedules online with

Manage student clinical internship schedules online with the interactive live calendar in Fisdap Scheduler.

  • Keep everyone in the loop with built-in communication tools.
  • Prevent double booking by using the Shared Scheduler with other schools in your area.

Flexible, EMS-specific Scheduling

Fisdap Scheduler provides the flexibility to manage student internships the way that works for your program. Schedule or assign shifts to your students or let them make their own schedule. Schedule one-time shifts, A/B/C shifts, or shifts that repeat daily. Restrict who goes where and when by limiting shifts to Paramedic or EMT students and customize which shifts can be traded or dropped by students. Choose the methods that works for your program.

Full integration with Fisdap Competency Tracker

If you combine Scheduler with Competency Tracker – which we recommend you do! – you'll be amazed at how easy it is to manage field and clinical experiences from start to manage field and clinical experiences from start (documenting patient information). From the moment a student picks or is assigned a shift, he or she is accountable for the patient care information once the shift occurs.


Compliance gives you a way to manage all the requirements (vaccination records, background checks, HIPAA training, etc.) that your students must complete prior to visiting certain hospitals or riding on the ambulance.

You can control who gets which requirements, manage sites that have dependencies (prevent students from going on shifts if they're not eligible to go), and track expiration dates.

Oversee all of your requirements as a feature of the Scheduler so you know who's compliant and--often most importantly--who's not.

Fisdap Mobile

With the Fisdap mobile app, students can access their shift list and use the “Map it” feature to quickly pull up directions to their site. Students can also receive shift documentation sign off from their preceptor onsite.

Bundle and Save!

Purchase the Internship Package and get Skills Tracker plus Scheduler for a great discounted price.

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