Prepare students for certification exams with
Comprehensive Exams

Fisdap Comprehensive Exams with Enhanced Security are designed to evaluate if students are ready to take certification exams and become practicing EMS professionals.

  • Comprised of 200 multiple choice questions, these exams reflect the latest American Heart Association Guidelines and National EMS Education Standards.
  • An emphasis on critical thinking questions will prepare students for the Registry and, more importantly, competency in their jobs.

All Fisdap Exams Are:

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Our assessments undergo a rigorous validation process by seasoned EMS educators and physicians to ensure that every test is accurate, relevant, and reflective of current best practices.

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The Fisdap exams with Enhanced Security uphold the highest standards of exam security for students and the entire Fisdap community, ensuring that every result is earned with integrity.

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We understand that not all tests are created equal. That’s why we’ve embraced classical test theory in our design process, guaranteeing that Fisdap exams are not only effective but also equitable. With us you can trust in the quality of every test.

Fisdap Testing is in a Class of Its Own

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Learning Prescriptions

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Instant detailed feedback that outlines the topics that students missed to help focus their studies. Highlights areas for improvement but also provides the cut score for easy reference. Each exam displays a Positive Predictive Value (PPV) to determine the probability of passing the NREMT exam based on individual performance. Plus, leverage the Group Learning Prescription to evaluate and target the class’s collective weaknesses.

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It Takes a Village

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Fisdap exams are developed with the support of our community. A village of educators and subject matter experts help build our exams - many of whom have experience writing for high-stake exams.

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Exam Security

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We require that all Fisdap exams are given in a proctored environment to protect exam security. Fisdap exams provide a secure testing atmosphere with recording capabilities, browser lockdown features, and identity verification measures.

Get Involved

Fisdap offers several opportunities for taking an active role in our test development process.
Contact our Assessment Manager for more details.

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