What We Make

Internship Management

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Competency Tracker

Support student success with enhanced skills tracking and SMC Reporting!

The all-new Competency Tracker is an EMS course management tool that allows students to easily record clinical, field, and lab experiences on-the-go while helping educators track student progress.

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Flexible, online scheduling that's specific to EMS.

Get students' clinical internship schedules online where educators, clinicians, preceptors and students can all view and interact with the live calendar. You can set up your calendar with a year's worth of clinical shifts in less than a hour...then let your students schedule themselves.

Learning Products

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Entrance Exams

The first entrance exam exclusively for paramedic students.

Use the Entrance Exam to help you select and admit the prospective paramedic students with the best chances of success in your paramedic program.

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Unit Exams

Test early and often.

A series of secure, computer-based tests for EMT, AEMT, and paramedic students. Use the unit exams to diagnose your students' strengths and weaknesses throughout the course.

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Study Tools

Online, go-anywhere test prep accounts for paramedics and EMTs.

Educational quizzes, podcasts, and exams prepare students for certification exams like the Registry—or even Fisdap's tests. Study Tools is perfect for students who want to study at home.

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Comprehensive Exams

Over 97% of students who pass our tests pass the NREMT on their first attempt.

A secure, computer-based exam that tests students' registry-readiness. Instant, personalized feedback shows students where to focus their studying to help them improve.