Frequently Asked Questions

Starting in August, to request access to the Competency Tracker, please complete the Competency Tracker Request form, and our Support team will be able to turn on the Competency Tracker for your program.

The Competency Tracker (CT) is linked to an individual student, so once the program is made eligible for the Competency Tracker, you can switch any student in your program to the CT. NOTE: Any student with Skills Tracker data should not be switched to the Competency Tracker; the Skills Tracker data will not be accessible by the Competency Tracker reports.

As an instructor, you will be able to set each student to the Competency Tracker.

Because the Competency Tracker is linked to the specific students that have it turned on, you’ll only see the Competency Tracker shifts when opening shifts for said students. In addition, you will see a new option on the Reports page to switch between the Skills Tracker reports and the Competency Tracker reports.

No, you cannot switch back to Skills Tracker after moving to Competency Tracker. The data entered on a student’s account using the Competency Tracker will not transfer to the Skills Tracker. If you are not certain that you want to use the Competency Tracker just yet, we can help you set up a demo student with the Competency Tracker, so that you can test it out before you have your students use it.

No, once a student is switched to the Competency Tracker, they will not need to be switched again, even when subsequent updates are released.

While it is possible to switch an existing cohort to the Competency Tracker, we do not recommend doing so if the students have entered data into the Skills Tracker. The Skills Tracker data will not transfer to the Competency Tracker, so we recommend making the switch for new cohorts rather than existing ones. Both Trackers are housed in the same framework, so you will not need to go to different websites or log in to separate accounts to access both the Skills Tracker and the Competency Tracker. As you try to open a student’s shift, if it is a Skills Tracker student, then it will open the shift in Skills Tracker, and if it is a Competency Tracker student, the shift will open in Competency Tracker.

The best time to make this change will be with a new cohort. If your program is planning to use the new Student Minimum Competency (SMC) Recommendations (2023), you’ll need to transition for any cohort starting on or after 1/1/23. Beyond completing the Competency Tracker Request form to get started, there is nothing you'll need to prepare. The only option you would have is to decide which of your students you’d like to switch to the Competency Tracker. Again, you do not need to transition all the students in your program. You can switch one, all, or anywhere in between.

We do not recommend switching students with Skills Tracker data to the Competency Tracker, as the data will not be accessible in the Competency Tracker. To avoid this, make sure any cohort that is starting on or after 1/1/23 is using the Competency Tracker. If you have a cohort starting prior to that date, but you think you may want to use the new Student Minimum Competency (SMC), we recommend making the transition to the Competency Tracker.

No, there will no price increase to use Competency Tracker.

No, the user workflow will not change for Scheduler when you switch to Competency Tracker. You will still have access to Scheduler.

No, the instructor workflow will not change for Fisdap Testing when you switch to Competency Tracker. You will still have access to Fisdap Testing.

No, Competency Tracker will not be available on the Fisdap mobile app. Competency Tracker has been designed to be mobile responsive so you can access Competency Tracker from any mobile browser.