Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, starting in August, a demo student account for Competency Tracker will be provided to you once your Program Director completes and submits the Competency Tracker Request form.

Yes, starting in August, you can contact the Solutions Consultants team to request training by emailing [email protected].

We are currently working on a variety of self-help documents and videos that will assist you in the transition to Competency Tracker. They will be posted in the Fisdap support pages when available.

For the initial program switch, yes, Program Directors will need to complete and submit the Competency Tracker Request form to gain access to Competency Tracker. However, once that is done, you will be in control of which specific students are set to the Competency Tracker. Please refer to page 17 from A Getting Started Guide with Fisdap for more details.

NOTE: Any student with Skills Tracker data should not be switched to the Competency Tracker; the Skills Tracker data will not be accessible by the Competency Tracker reports.