Frequently Asked Questions

We plan to release the Competency Tracker late Summer 2022. Details on what to expect can be found here: Competency Tracker Guide.

We will be continuing to release updates and new features, like a new Schedule Tracker, throughout 2022 and into 2023.

Programs will be able to use Competency Tracker immediately upon release. Starting in August, please complete and submit the Competency Tracker Request form to get started, and our Support team will enable Competency Tracker access within your current FISDAP program. Once it is turned on, you’ll be able to select and add students to the Competency Tracker.

Skills Tracker will likely not be supported beyond 2024. However, we will update everyone well in advance of the date, so that all users will be able to transition to our Competency Tracker without issues.

You’ll need to transition out of Skills Tracker before we retire the platform, likely by 2024. If your program is planning to use the new Student Minimum Competency (SMC) Recommendations (2023), you’ll need to transition all cohorts starting on or after 1/1/23.

We will be releasing additional enhancements throughout 2022 and 2023, culminating with a new version of the Scheduler, in addition to incremental improvements to Competency Tracker and Fisdap Testing.