Account and Program Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

While many of our evals are used in tandem with shift data entry in the Skills & Patient Care setion, some of the Fisdap evals are intended to give general feedback about student performance, preceptor performance, and surveys of the program. We also highlight the CoAEMSP (Part C) evaluation since this is a handy accreditaiton resource for you.

You can access these non-Skills Tracker evals through the Account page.

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Under Program Settings, click the Program evaluations link.
  3. On the Program Evaluations page, choose the eval you would like to enter and hit the green Go button. Or, if you came to this page to view an eval, click the View link beneath the drop down menu containing the list of evals.

If you do not see an evaluation you need in the place that you need it, contact Fisdap Support at 651-690-9241 or email [email protected].