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Frequently Asked Questions

You can view your students’ compliance status in a couple of places - on the Scheduler calendar, and in their student portfolios.

Compliance on the calendar

The calendar displays your students’ compliance status on a per shift basis. Since you can set up Site requirements which only apply at certain sites, a student may be compliant for some shifts while being non-compliant for others.

1. Go to the orange Shifts tab.
2. Click on the Schedule link.
3. If a shift has a non-compliant student scheduled, you will see this icon . Click a student’s name to see more information about their requirements and find out why they are non-compliant for this shift.

Compliance in the portfolio

Student portfolios contain lots of useful information about your students, including their compliance status.
1. Go to the orange MyFisdap tab.
2. Click on the Student Portfolios link.
3. Select the student whose compliance status you would like to view.
4. Click on the gray Compliance Status tab.

You can see a list of all the requirements that have been assigned to this student along with his compliance status for each requirement and when the requirements are due or will expire. Click each requirement to see more information about where it is required as well as the history. Use the gray In ProgressCompliant, and Non-Compliant buttons to filter the list based on status.

  • In Progress requirements have not been completed, but they aren't due yet.

  • Compliant requirements have been completed and are currently in good standing.

  • Non-compliant requirements are either past due or expired.

If your student is non-compliant for any requirements, you can click the gray Send email button to prompt your student to take action.
Click the gray See list button to display a list of all the sites where your student is compliant to attend shifts.

Fisdap Tips & Tricks: 8/28/2018 - Getting the Most Out of the Scheduler