Preceptor Training Course Outline

This course is a self-paced online training program for EMS preceptors, mentors, and field training officers.

Introduction to clinical education and becoming a preceptor.

  • Welcome to the Fisdap Preceptor Training Course

The roles and responsibilities of being a preceptor and what to expect from your student.

  • Role of the Preceptor
  • Being a Role Model
  • Role of the Student

The importance of creating a learning environment, recognizing different learning styles, and communicating effectively.

  • Learning Environment
  • Lesson Learning Styles
  • Lesson Using Effective Communication Skills
  • Communicating Assertively

Understanding the domains of learning.

  • The Domains of Learning
  • The Psychomotor Domains
  • The Cognitive Domain
  • The Affective Domain

Giving feedback and evaluating your student effectively.

  • Giving Feedback
  • SMART Feedback
  • Evaluation
  • Evaluating the Team Leader

Certificate and CEs awarded upon successful completion.