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Fisdap Skills Tracker documents student learning, reports achievement and growth, and aids program accreditation and self-study.

  • Capture student lab skills practice and track progress toward goals and competency.
  • Motivate students with graphs and reports to help them understand strengths and weaknesses.

Skills Tracking Made Easy

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Highly Customizable

Fisdap already has all of the NREMT skills sheets ready to go. Decide which skills sheets you want your students to use and which skills they should receive credit for. You can also create custom lab practice items and goals.

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Group Practice

Students can indicate which classmates they partnered with in the lab. Make students accountable for evaluating their peers and reduce time entering data into Fisdap.

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Lab Goals for Peer and Instructor Check-offs

Improve efficiency by letting students practice skills with their peers before an instructor performs a final evaluation to assess competency. Establish and monitor separate goals for peer and instructor check-offs.

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Eureka Graph

How do you know when students have achieved competency? The Eureka Graph provides insight into when a student has reached a point of competency for a particular skill.

Use the Eureka Point to define what competency means for each lab skill. This allows you to customize your goals and watch your students' progress.

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Fisdap Mobile

With the Fisdap mobile app, students can enter skills and patient care information right from the hospital or ambulance, with or without an internet connection. Students can use the in-app camera feature to capture paper shift documentation to make entering their data easier.

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Fisdap Evals

Fisdap Evals are a series of forms and National Registry skill sheets for students and preceptors to complete online. Our evals help you track student performance in lab skill stations, prompt preceptors to give students feedback, and promote self-reflection and self-evaluation among your students.

How it Works!

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Students document their experience on the Fisdap website after each patient contact.

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Students, instructors, and preceptors can monitor and evaluate students' experiential learning.

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Students and instructors can quickly and easily generate comprehensive reports in one place.

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