Strategies for Success

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Fisdap Strategies for Success: Assess for Success

Leah Tilden

This webinar focuses on Fisdap testing. Discover how we’re incorporating the new NREMT item types into our assessments, see how to use the learning prescriptions to improve student outcomes, and learn about new security features and platform enhancements.

Competency Tracker

Fisdap Strategies for Success: Customizing Goal Sets with the Student Progress Report

Ben Tape

This webinar focuses on customizing goal sets with the Student Progress report. Learn how to create custom goal sets tailored specifically to your program and how to run the report for your students. Whether you’re looking to create a comprehensive list of your students’ graduation goals, or you simply want to track airway skills, you’ll be able to set and review goals that precisely meet your needs.

Fisdap Strategies for Success: Paramedic Student Minimum Competency 2023

Ben Tape

This webinar focuses on the Paramedic Student Minimum Competency 2023. Learn how to customize your goal numbers, run the report, and interpret the results—and see how your students should enter their data into the Competency Tracker to ensure their work gets proper credit on the report.

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