Account Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to be logged in to Fisdap to change your password. If you don't remember your Fisdap password, click here.

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Select Account Information.
  3. Type in your new password and confirm the new password. Wait for the green check mark.
  4. Save your changes.

If you’ve forgotten your Fisdap username or password, you can follow these steps to receive an email with your username, password hint, and a link to reset your password.

Fisdap support staff are not authorized to reset your password for you. If you call or email, we will help walk you through these steps or encourage you to reach out to an instructor at your school who can reset student passwords.

Hint: your email is not your username.

To get a password hint or reset your password:

  1. Go to the home page and click the Member Log In link.
  2. Click the Forgot your log in? link.
  3. You will be prompted to type in your email address. It’s important that you give us the email address that you registered with Fisdap.
  4. Follow the remaining prompts, and we’ll send you an email with your username, the hint you created to help you remember your password, and a link to reset your password if the hint does not help you remember it.

Students cannot change graduation dates once they have activated their account. This is an instructor-only permission. For help changing your graduation date, please contact your instructor directly. Fisdap staff are not authorized to change students’ graduation dates.

If you are switching schools or progressing from EMT to Paramedic, you will likely need to create a new account. Check with your instructor and see the instructions for creating a new fisdap account.

If you would like to add new products or additional test attempts to your existing Fisdap account, you can do so from the Upgrade page.

  1. Go to the home page and click Member Log In.
  2. Enter your username and password to login.
  3. Click the orange Account tab, then click Upgrade.

From here, you have two options: you can either choose products on your own, or you can enter an activation code provided by your instructor.

Choose products

If you don't have an activation code, you can choose from the Products Available for Upgrade section.

  1. Check the boxes next to the products you want.
  2. Click Continue to checkout.
  3. Enter your billing information and click Upgrade account.

Use activation code

If your instructor has given you a code, they have already chosen products for you. Entering the code is a shortcut to selecting those in the interface.

  1. Click Use activation code.
  2. Enter your code, and click Apply. The products your instructor has chosen for you will appear below.
  3. If your program has prepaid for your code, you don't need to do anything else - just click Upgrade account.
  4. If your program has not prepaid for your code, click Continue to checkout.
  5. Enter your billing information and click Upgrade account.

Your student portfolio pulls together useful information about your compliance status, certifications, exam scores, and other aspects of your internship. You can also update your profile picture, add contact information, and upload documents in the student portfolio.

To view your portfolio, click the orange MyFisdap tab, then click the MyPortfolio link. Click the tabs along the side of the page to navigate within your portfolio.