Open Airways

As EMS responders, we witness life events that are both tragic and inspiring. Our experiences reveal the strength of the human spirit and motivate us to achieve greater heights.

Open Airways is a project to collect and record an oral, EMS history. In an ongoing series of podcasts, EMS providers share their most meaningful cases -- sometimes with humor and always with compassion. We hope these stories will improve our practice and inspire a new generation of caregivers.

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Blind Faith

April 18, 2011
"Well in this case, that was the worst case scenario: we had a delivery of a one-pound, seven-ounce baby, with no equipment out in the middle of the interstate after getting lost." Paramedic Steven LeCroy discusses a recent lawsuit in Florida and how the case demonstrates the importance of taking responsibility for every patient.
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We Keep Going

April 4, 2011
"We grew up all the way around it. From the ambulance calls to the deceased calls, the training, the whole bit." "And we played patients for lots of EMT classes!" "Yeah." Joey  and Wenona Garcia grew up in the world of EMS: their mother was a medical assistant and EMT-B. In this podcast, they share memories from a lifetime of EMS with FISDAP's Sarah Desombre and Liz Neerland.
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Help Me Fix It

March 24, 2011
"You know, the 'Whack-a-Mole' program. You just, you know how at the fair you play that game, and you hit 'em over the head when they pop up, when the problem popped up. And that's how we dealt with things. Which was absolutely wrong." When the Memphis Fire Department was required to create a quality control program, they realized they had a lot of work to do. Firefighter and paramedic Jim Logan tells FISDAP's Liz Neerland about their journey.
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Six Weeks

March 7, 2011
"When the Dallas Cowboys were not playing such good football, we actually ran a guy one night who was a Methodist minister that went into cardiac arrest during the football game…" With what sounds like the start of a bad joke EMS educator Scott Walker begins the story of one of his strangest calls ever. Click below to hear the rest of the story!
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It Sticks With You

February 22, 2011
"It was a late, pretty new Corvette, fully involved. And about maybe ten yards away was a person that somebody had pulled out of the car, with approximately 90% burn." Paramedic and firefighter Ricky Barnet shares his worst call with FISDAP's Liz Neerland.
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