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New Scheduler Enhancements - Share Shifts With Other Institutions.By Rachael Rosen

January 21, 2005
As of 01/18/05 the FISDAP-Scheduler has the ability to allow programs to share available shifts with each other. The idea is a user at a given field or clinical site enters the shifts that are available at that site into the FISDAP-Scheduler. These shifts are then made available to multiple programs that have enabled sharing for that particular field or clinical site. When a shared shift is entered it becomes available to all the students for those programs and once one of the slots is filled, that slot becomes unavailable for all the students of the sharing programs. This allows for ease of scheduling students from multiple programs at a given field or clinical site.
Instructors will note a new button in the FISDAP-Scheduler left side menu called “Share Shifts”. Clicking on this button will lead you through the process of requesting shift sharing. If you have any questions about the process please contact us at support [at] fisdap [dot] net.


Audit your student's dataBy Rachael Rosen

December 15, 2004
Once a shift is marked as complete you are able to audit the data. Please ensure that at a minimum 10% of the data has been confirmed with a signed off hard copy. After the student graduates and this audit goal is met, the "good data" flag can be set. This allows researchers using FISDAP access to the data to improve EMS clinical rotations of the future. The audit and good data information can also be quickly accessed through the Grad Status tab in the administration section. If you have questions please contact support [at] fisdap [dot] net.

Check the graduation status of studentsBy Rachael Rosen

December 15, 2004
As another semester comes to a close please ensure that you are adjusting the graduation status of your students as necessary. Instructors can quickly access this by clicking on the administration tab and then the grad status tab. Students if you no longer have access to FISDAP check with your instructor to ensure the graduation date is entered correctly. If you have questions please contact support [at] fisdap [dot] net.

FISDAP has a new designBy Rachael Rosen

December 15, 2004
As part of a revision and update to the FISDAP system we are proud to roll out phase I of our new FISDAP design. Please be aware that although the look and feel may have changed, the functionality of most things remains the same.

Over the coming months we will be replacing other portions of FISDAP with a new look as well. If you have any comments or questions about our new look please direct them to support [at] fisdap [dot] net.

Bird's Dead

June 23, 2008

"One particularly busy evening we got up--I think it was about 2 o'clock in the morning--my partner Gary and I had an unknown medical..." In this episode, Jeff Pollakoff from UCLA tells us an amusing story about an unusual call that taught him to always remember his radio. Click below to hear the whole story!

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Rural Cardiac Arrest

May 1, 2008

"While I was starting the IV she looked at me and she said... 'John, I don't think that I am going to be here much longer' and she literally went into arrest in front of me while I was starting the IV." Click below to listen to the rest of this incredible story from John Todaro.

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Never Let Your Guard Down

April 1, 2008

"I turned around to look and the only other door that was around was double deadbolt locked. So, I did not have any place to go..." Click below to listen to the rest of this story from John Tippet.

Download MP3 (2.7 MB)

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