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  • ALS Scenarios for Paramedics: Female Cardiac Scenario

    Previously on the blog, we brought you a post with four scenarios for your Ambulance Operations class. While we gave you some some gnarly details about creating elaborate moulage, we didn’t offer you the specific data (BP, pulse, medications, etc.) that your teaching aides need to run the scenario from start to finish.

    What is Fisdap?

    If you’ve been around EMS for a while, you might have heard the word “Fisdap” before and wondered what it is. Here’s the short version: Fisdap is a software development company that builds online tools for EMS and healthcare education. Our goal has always been to bring the EMS community together to create innovative solutions for teaching and learning prehospital care.
  • 7 Tips for Getting Hired in EMS

    You’ve completed paramedic school and passed the National Registry, so what comes next? For many people, it’s an intimidating job hunt. As a recent college grad myself, I have firsthand experience with the many emotions that come with finishing school: excitement, relief, and a major dose of apprehension.
  • 4 Awesome Scenarios for Your EMS Class

    Scenario-based education is one of the most cutting edge topics in EMS these days. You’ve heard the reasons why scenarios are great for students, but where should you start? How do you stage a scenario?
  • Five Important Facts About Your NREMT Certification

    As your NREMT written exam day looms closer, you may find yourself navigating the complicated regulations surrounding your certification as an EMT or Paramedic.
  • What Happens If You Fail the National Registry Exam?

    Immediately after taking the NREMT exam, I came to work deflated and anxious, so I channeled my energy into writing a contrite yet informative post on what the next steps are if you don’t pass. At that time, the only thing I was confident about was that I had indeed failed.
  • 4 Tips for Prepping for the National Registry Exam

    I took an EMT class last spring and had heard a lot about what to expect (and fear) about the National Registry exam.
  • 5 Tips for Success in EMT School

    I recently finished going to school to become an EMT. Here are a few tips for success that I took away from my experience.

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